Why Us You Ask ?


  • Why JMR ?
    What differentiates JMR Holdings, LLC from other rental home developers in the area is our capacity to provide a vast array of products to suit the needs of our diverse investors. Our team has the capacity to customize individual deals, working to fill the requests of wholesalers and equity groups, along with first time investors. Our team strives to stay ahead of the curve, traveling across the world to attend workshops, seminars, and property development exhibitions. We now offer one-on-one real estate coaching, a better alternative to attending seminars where you get no attention at all.
    Our Background
    Years of experience in the St. Louis real estate market gives JMR Holdings, LLC a unique advantage and insight in identifying the most profitable opportunities for our clients' investment dollar in any of our markets we are in. Our team makes it easy for investors to do their due diligence in learning the market by providing them with useful information and statistics.
    With JMR Holdings, LLC, purchasing an investment property could not be easier – our knowledgeable team of real estate advisers guides investors through every step of the process. Many of our investors find that this could be done remotely; therefore they are located in different countries, all over the globe. Our team believes in transparency, with no hidden costs. Every aspect of the investment process is fully explained to investors before the purchase decision is made. We make every transaction easy.
    The purchasers at JMR Holdings, LLC have access to a plethora of resources to find great properties in several markets. This enables our team to identify profitable deals for investors on a daily basis. By conducting rehabilitation on a larger scale, costs are kept low and savings are passed on to the investor. In addition, properties are purchased at below the current market value, which allows considerable appreciation potential.
    Security & Property Management
    The Property Management Team at Chuck Baer Realty is well equipped to mitigate all potential risks. Our clients have access to their secure online portal, any time of the day, all days of the week. The portal functions as an electronic filing cabinet, storing all of their important documents and monthly income statements. Their dedicated team is always available to answer questions by phone or email.
    60 Day Home Warranty
    Our investors are our number one priority. To assure that investors have complete peace of mind with their purchases, JMR Holdings, LLC offers warranty coverage on rental homes for 60 Days, starting with the date of purchase. This warranty covers all repairs we have made to the home if any issues would take place caused by our work.